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Liberty x francesco

Let the summer begin! But what to wear?

For this summer we see one clear trend and one only: FLORALS.












We see them in printed shirts, shorts and tee’s. But also in shoes, pants, gear or as a detail, like sleeves in floral prints and chestpockets. Anyway, we guys, have to love them this summer!

Floral tee7 Floral tee5 Floral sweat5 Floral shoe8 Floral jkt3

Floral jkt4

Floral detail Floral Acc2 Floral Acc1 Floral shoe1 Floral shirts2





Floral sweat6 Floral tee6 Floral sweat1Floral Acc3






















And as long as the mix is right it will look masculine and cool on us men. These florals or flowerprints are for a longer time a trend for women but also a musthave for years if you check the Liberty collection who are specialized in florals for many many years…

Some guys combine the florals with a beard. To add some masculinity?

Floral liberty shirts Men











Here some absolute musthaves:


Floral sweat4 Floral sweat3 Floral sweat2







Floral shorts1






Floral shoe5
Floral shoe2






Not all florals prints have to be loud or extreme colorful. Please have a look at the sophisticated black&white florals!!

Floral b&w1 Floral b&w Floral b&w2






Just for men? Ofcourse not ;-)

Floral feminine

But here’s one tip! Don’t be a clown, FRANCESCO!








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Thanks to all y’all












But how did i get there? What did i do? I just did what ever i thought was nice, beautiful, interesting or funny to repin or to use in one of my blogs. Many pins were not always mainstream or easy too explain. Some had a double meaning or just a perfect picture!

dead fish












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